Prague Quest

PRAGUE QUEST MISSION I’mPOSSIBLE version is our most popular version
This fun, energetic, and interactive activity has small teams competing throughout the streets of Prague, fulfilling various team tasks. You’ve never seen Prague this way before!

A Team Favorite!

  • Group Size: 16-400+
  • Time: 2.5-3 hours optimal
  • Location: Outdoors in Prague
  • Average quality rating: 9.4/10
  • Customizable:
  • Possible in other cities
  • Content to match needs


  • Develops Team Spirit, Unity, and a Sense of Achievement
  • See the major sights of Prague in an unforgettable way
  • Flexible timing of between 2-3 hours
  • Flexible start and finish locations
  • Team building with the added bonus of learning and discovering more about Prague
  • Over 25000 happy participants with an average 94% satisfaction level
  • A professional, yet energizing event
  • Economical with lots of added value

What to Expect?

We adapt the Prague Quest into a spy training thriller quest, and transform it into a grand-scale “Mission I’mPossible Objective”! Small teams of 6-10 people compete throughout the streets of Prague, fulfilling various team building tasks in order to succeed in their “Mission I’mPossible Quest”. This fun, energetic and interactive Team Building activity develops team spirit, unity and a sense of achievement, while at the same time overcoming communication barriers, solving problems and building trust within the team.

The teams will visit key sites of interest & historical locations around the centre of Prague. We can also adapt the Prague Quest to include a variety of extras or specialty content. Prague Quest is so much better than a treasure Hunt, or Scavenger Hunt with lots of additional Team Building value included!

As a popular all-seasons activity, we regularly run Prague Quest – Mission I’mPossible throughout the year. We recommend that participants dress weather appropriately and comfortably for the program.

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